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Healing Circle

Sweat Lodge

Sacred Ceremonies

Deepening Recovery through Traditional Practices

At Night and Day Recovery Society, we honor the powerful role that cultural and spiritual practices can play in healing from alcohol and drug addiction. Our Sacred Ceremonies Program, specially designed for our residential treatment clients, integrates traditional Indigenous ceremonies led by respected elders from the Squamish Nation to support and enhance the recovery journey.

Weekly Healing Circles

Each week, we host a healing circle where participants are welcomed with a smudging ceremony, a traditional practice of burning sacred herbs to purify the body and space from negative energies, promoting healing and positive energy. This sacred ritual helps participants prepare mentally and spiritually to receive the teachings from the elders. These gatherings are a time of reflection, sharing, and learning, allowing participants to connect deeply with themselves and each other in a supportive and spiritually charged environment.

Teachings from the Elders

During the healing circles, Squamish Nation elders share their wisdom and teachings. These teachings are rooted in thousands of years of tradition and offer profound insights into living a balanced, harmonious life. Participants learn about the values of respect, courage, wisdom, and humility, among others, which are crucial for personal growth and recovery.

Men’s and Women’s Sweat Lodge Ceremonies

The program includes separate sweat lodge ceremonies for men and women, conducted by elders. The sweat lodge is a dome-shaped hut used for cleansing and healing the body and spirit. Participants enter the lodge where water is poured over hot stones to create steam, symbolizing the cleansing of the body and the earth. This intense physical experience also facilitates deep emotional and spiritual introspection and purification.

Reasons and Meanings Behind the Ceremonies

These ceremonies are more than just rituals; they are vital practices that enable participants to reconnect with their roots, culture, and spiritual paths. The healing circle and sweat lodge ceremonies provide a structured yet deeply personal space for individuals to confront their pains, share their struggles, and receive communal support and strength. The teachings and practices promote a sense of belonging, identity, and resilience that are essential in the path to recovery.

Benefits of the Sacred Ceremonies

Participating in these ceremonies offers numerous benefits:

Emotional Healing: Engaging in these practices helps release emotional burdens and fosters inner peace.

Physical Cleansing: The physical act of sweating in a lodge releases toxins and can be seen as a metaphor for shedding past habits and afflictions.

Spiritual Renewal: Participants often experience spiritual awakening and a renewed sense of hope and purpose.

Community and Support: Shared experiences in a culturally respectful setting build strong bonds among participants, creating a community of support essential for recovery.

We encourage our residential clients to experience the transformative power of these sacred ceremonies. As you walk your path of recovery, let the wisdom of the elders and the strength of traditional practices guide and support you towards healing and renewal.


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