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End Your Addiction at Night & Day Recovery

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Night & Day Recovery: Surrey’s Choice Rehabilitation Centre

If you are suffering from addictions such as alcohol or drugs such as cocaine, crack, ecstasy, heroin, crystal meth, speed, down, marijuana, opium, methadone or any other addictive substance or activity, there is help and hope at locally owned and operated Night & Day Recovery in Surrey. Our treatment is confidential and based on the 12-step recovery program, which addresses the thought patterns and behaviours that lead to bad choices and addiction cycles.

Adult & Couple Registered Facility

Speaking Your Language in Individual and Group Therapy

Based on your needs during your mandatory 90-day stay, you’ll be enrolled in certified individual, family or group counselling, Narcotics Anonymous and/or Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. Our certified counsellor is on-hand and dedicated to helping you through the process. We have 6 locations in Surrey in which meetings are held, with houses for men only, women only, co-ed and couples. Our services are available in English, Punjabi, Hindi and Urdu.



Take a look at some frequently asked questions to answer any additional questions.

Stay on the Right Track with Excellent Aftercare

90% Addiction Cessation Rate

Night & Day Recovery is proud to have a 90% addiction cessation rate, and part of our success is due to our high level of aftercare. We set up a personalized plan to ensure that your physical, mental and emotional wellness is sustained.

Start Curing Your Addiction Today — from the Inside Out

We Are Available 24/7!

If you’re struggling with alcohol or substance abuse, you’re not alone. Contact us today to take the first step toward a radical life transformation with Night & Day Recovery.

Small Pets (Under 15 Pounds) Are Welcome

Small Pets (Under 15 Pounds) Are Welcome

Recovery Program

Find out how our 12-step recovery program can help you overcome addiction.

More Questions?

Find answers to frequently asked questions about Night & Day Recovery.

Help Is Waiting

You don’t have to live with the grief and despair of an addiction. Find help today.

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