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Addiction Treatment and Rehabilitation Services in Surrey

Night & Day Recovery has provided drug, alcohol, and gambling addiction treatment and rehabilitation services for adults for the last 19 years in Surrey. Our 12-step addiction treatment program provides you or your loved ones with the necessary assistance for tracking sobriety and enjoying lasting recovery. Our certified counsellor and qualified staff members understand the plagues of alcoholism and drug addiction. This is why we are committed to helping you work toward freedom. We provide excellent clinical care and promote the well-being of our clients. Recovery is within your reach at our treatment facility - get help and enroll in our rehabilitation program in Surrey. Connect with us today to schedule a free consultation .


Highest Quality Care for Complete Recovery

Night & Day Recovery is an experienced addiction treatment provider in Surrey, providing the right recovery options to those struggling with substance abuse, alcoholism, and gambling addiction. Find quality care and truly individualized help for your complete recovery. Learn more about the various services we provide.

Alcoholism can impact all aspects of your life. We teach you how to get out of alcohol dependency. 

We have helped countless patients in recovering from a variety of drug addictions, including opiates, marijuana and more, for over 19 years.

A better life, free of gambling habits and related problems is waiting for you. Get in touch to learn more.

Why Choose Our Treatment and Rehabilitation Centre?

When choosing treatment and rehabilitation centres in Surrey, you want to ensure you’re trusting a centre that treats you with respect, understands your goals, and provides you with a safe and relaxed environment. Night & Day Recovery helps people find hope and encouragement through a 12-step recovery program and addiction education and counselling. Our certified counsellor is passionate about helping people find freedom from addiction. Excellent care in a comforting home-like atmosphere is what we believe in.

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Don’t Let Addiction Control Your Life!

Get the counselling you need to transform your lifestyle forever.

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